domenica 20 novembre 2011

In scena a LONDRA!

A devised collaboration by Guildhall School actors and musicians

31 actors and musicians create and perform a personal piece of theatre

Friday 2, Saturday 3, Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 December at 7.30pm
Monday 5, Wednesday 7 December at 2pm

Christian Burgess director
Julian Philips composer
Agnes Treplin designer
Johanna Town lighting designer
Dinah Stabb associate director
Danny McGrath director of movement
Neil Alexander sound designer
Dan Shorten video designer
Eliot Shrimpton dramaturg

In an exciting departure from its traditional repertoire, the Guildhall School presents a devised piece of theatre: created and performed by a multi-disciplinary ensemble. ...think only this of me…is made by a company of 31 actors and musicians who have worked together to deliver a piece of theatre that is both personal and of universal significance.

Director Christian Burgess’s starting point for the piece was drawn from Last Letters by Olivier Blanc, a series of correspondence written during the French Revolution by men and women who were facing death. The novel left some questions:
- If faced with imminent demise, what is it that we want to communicate, and to whom?
- Who are we?
- Does memory inform our sense of identity?

By piecing together fragments from our past, memories of lives lived and testimonies of others, we try to make sense of our lives and find a path towards a meaningful future. These themes have provided the starting point for the company to begin thinking and researching their ideas and turn these ideas into a piece of theatre.

Silk Street Theatre

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